Can you check my prong setting on my ring?
Yes, we offer check and tightening services for your precious gemstones. When you have the prongs checked and tightened we may identify ones that need to be re-tipped or a prong that needs replaced. By doing this we are helping you secure your stone for generations to come.

Do you repair watches?
Yes, we can repair watches. If you need a simple battery change or a new band we offer a competitive price and while you wait service. We also can offer new crystals or more complicated repairs and servicing for your watch repair needs.

What is the difference between white gold and platinum?
Platinum is a pure white precious metal which will not need rhodium plating required by white gold settings. It is very mailable, therefore stones set in platinum are much less likely to become loose. White gold has metal memory, so the prongs can loosen over time. It is important to have these checked and tightened. White gold also needs rhodium plating to achieve a platinum white look. Platinum is denser, therefore 60% heavier than 14kt white gold. It is also more expensive to manufacture, however, will last several lifetimes.

What kind of care do I need for a white-gold setting?
All white gold is made of of yellow gold and alloy metals that make the gold appear white. The final process of all white gold rings is a rhodium coat plating, which makes the ring look platinum white. We offer this service of rhodium plating while you wait if time allows. The ring is cleaned, polished and buffed and then dipped in rhodium for a finishing touch that makes your ring look like new.

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