Maintaining the Beauty of White Gold

Different Stages of White Gold

Different Stages of White Gold

It’s Platinum like hue and the fact that it makes for a beautiful backdrop for any gemstone has caused white gold to overtime become in high demand. Yellow gold might be making come back the world of fashion jewelry , but it is white gold that is still dominating the bridal industry. Most clients are not aware of the maintenance behind this oh so attractive metal. All gold starts out yellow. When mixed with white alloys such as Nickel, Silver, and palladium these alloys turn the once yellow gold into a whiter shade, but there is still one more step into making the metal what you see in the showcases of jewelry stores today and that final step is known as rhodium plating. Rhodium is a part of the Platinum metal group so therefore is naturally white. Once a white gold piece of jewelry is polished using a chemical process the piece is plated in rhodium which gives it an almost Platinum like appearance.Now unlike Platinum which over time develops a patina like finish from wear with white gold you will start to notice a yellowish hue (starting from the bottom of the shank up). This means that the rhodium plating is wearing off and it is time to have your piece polished and re rhodium plated. Typically with rings we recommend every 6 months to 1 year having this process done. Now with pendents earrings and bracelets you might not ever have to re rhodium plate them because of where they are worn on the body has less wear than a ring. Here at Genna Jewelers we stand behind all white gold pieces that we sell and that is why we offer a lifetime rhodium plating service when  purchased. Didn’t purchase your white gold jewelry from us? No problem, for a small fee we can restore your white gold jewelry back to the original state it was in when first purchased.

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